Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Me as Grand Prize

Dear Zach,

"I finally get to meet you." and continued kissing me, caressing my naked body and untie my towel around my waist while he was still dressed. This was the 3rd time I heard it from the guys I met for the first time. 

I'm not sure why they said it. Or maybe they said it because they finally get the grand prize of winning. Probably the latter. He was the 4th new guy I met last night in months. We had come across each other over Instagram some time in last year. We planned to meet up and fuck but to no avail. Reason because that time he was staying way too far from my place and I thought it wasn't really wise to travel back and forth just to have sex. Since then, I decided to cut him off. 

Recently, I found out that he has shifted somewhere relatively near my home. So I tried my luck and hit him up few days back. Last night, he came over my place at 10.30 pm. Frankly, he looks better in person than in pictures. 

We were making out on my bed and I was so ready to get pounded. I sucked his cut dick so badly for full 5 minutes. I really do enjoy sucking Malay dick these days - cut, long, thick, and fit just nice in my mouth and deep down my throat, and clean. For the next 1 hour, I was thoroughly fucked and boyyy he was so good. He told me he could go on for hours but since he's fasting and back from gym, he was tired. I said "You did great." My ass was literally tearing up. 


  1. Oh god! Seems like you had a lot of fun ;)

  2. You are a celebrity on Instagram dy.

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  4. Hey....what's the tumblr site? Are any of these pics you? Are these guys you know?

    Be careful out there!


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