Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Dating Game

Dear Zach,

If you tell me dating game is about getting to know each other in a pre-mature stage of a starting relationship, I'd say it's true. But it didn't happen to me that way. It all began with touchy crotch-grabbing action, all they want is to get in my pants, and fuck my ass. I'm starting to feel like a whore. But I want something simple - a guy who gets to know me. Not a guy who wants me by his side when needed. I'm so sicked of this dating game. I had been single for so long, is it too much to ask for a real love?


  1. Ah, dating. You know, I've found that it worked better for me if I just did a bunch of things that I like to do and met friends of friends out and about with no expectations of meeting someone. Not saying you should try it but to see how you can take that edge off. The act of dating seeking out dates in other ways just put so much pressure in finding someone that it was exhausting.

    1. i shouldn't have taken on date. It's exhausting and I was trying to pretend someone I am not.

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