Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rolling In The Deep

Dear Zach,

Rolling into February wasn't feeling that good at all. Partly because knowing the fact that there will be another 10 more months to the end of the year. I was in my right mind thinking about this because I really can't wait to see how I will have become in the forthcoming months. The kickstart of February wasn't as slay as Beyonce's performance in the half time superbowl 50. I am starting to be picking up my job gradually after working for one and a half month. And it's starting to test my patience. And my patience set my teeth on edge. I caught up with flu for the last whole week, constantly popping pills to get better in welcoming the festive season of CNY celebration. And I don't feel festive at all. Not particularly this celebration but every festive season. By this, I can conclude that I am not festive person at all. I haven't had sex for 9 days. Not sure if hooking up in gym shower room counts. But there's no anal-intercourse involved. I did ask my fuck buddies if he's available. Most of them caught up with something. Well, I guess I'm gonna be celibate for this one whole month.  


  1. You don't feel good because there is another ten months of the year?

    Why not enjoy today and be happy that there are ten months of the year?

  2. Why sexually starving yourself?

    Don't shower room hookups count as sex?...

    i've been celibate for ...uhm... i can't remember how long now.


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