Thursday, December 31, 2015

What A Year

Dear Zach,

A year of self-discovery has come to the end. The highs and lows have gotten me to become wiser, stronger, and better. I've done things that shouldn't be done at the first place. I've gone against all odds to find my passions. It's not easy to take risk - it never was. It was all about taking chances. But it's all worth it. I've got to meet new people; I've got to know new people very well. The path of walking though the year was rocky. At times, I felt doubtful of my decision; feeling doubtful of myself. It was challenging given the fact that when life gives you curve ball, you would have to swallow your pride and take it. I've been through a lot. I've learned and seen things differently. I've grown from mistakes. And learn from them. If there's one thing I need to say before the clock hitting 12 tonight, I'd say: 

"I will never regret."  


  1. This is a good attitude to have about the past. Best wishes for a great 2016!

  2. Lets all move on :) Happy New Year btw


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Maira Gall