Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The End

Dear Zach,

Nine months of hiatus had finally come to the end. It was fun working in an environment with such amazing people I can know of, and I have grown so much in the space of nine months time. I am truly grateful for everything I have gotten and learnt, and the people that surround me for giving me such a good time.

Albeit having the most lay-back job ever, my direction isn't the same anymore. I left with good terms. I bid goodbyes to people I love and care about.

And, now, I am a free bird. Waiting to explore the options available around the world.


  1. I wish I can be free bird too! All the best to your future endeavors..

  2. All the best to your new job. BTW, where are you teaching right now just in case i have friends wanted to learn swimming.

    1. it depends on the convenience of the location. Usually public pools. If one has his own apartment pool that would be great.


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