Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We found virtual lust in a hopeless place.

Dear Zach,

So these are the trends right now living in the gay community, regardless where you guys met, IG or Facebook, or any sort of social networking that both accidentally came across of shirtless picture of both and started liking, commenting, and flirting. 

1. Stumbled upon this guy with top off, abs showing, chest popping on Instagram. And liking his pic and, within minute, he liked back your picture. 

2. Started liking a few of his shirtless pictures. And he liked back a few of mine - non-shirtless picture. 

3. Then, he initiated a chat over Instagram direct messaging with a sexy pic of his. 

4. And the picture of his is too sexy we started chatting, flirting, and sexting. 

5. Both sex chemistry were there. Flowing and endless. Foolishly thinking to meet up for coffee. Or tea. 

6. Slowly chatting on Instagram was getting annoying and irritated, he asked for an exchange of mobile number. We did.

7. Somewhat chatting in Whatsapp has killed off some steam between both of us. And it felt weird and awkward, and didn't feel like continuing where we started off at the first place. 

8. Conversation was started off long and winding with words and paragraphs. 

9. Slowly it was getting meaningless and plain boring. Shortened it into one lines or two. Eventually, one word or two.

10. The conversation eventually died off. Neither of us intended to continue and said Goodbye, which means we secretly hope that we might get in touch someday. And then there goes the conversation 4 days ago. 

We found virtual love lust in hopeless place. 



  1. Hard to say for certain, right? :)

    I do hope it turns out to be more than lust. Way better than lust.



    1. nope it won't. definitely won't turn out anything other than lust.

      it's okay.

      we are men.. so sometimes we think with our dick.


  2. Only people with assets can play the gram-ming games though. Well, not that people WITHOUT have any chances anyways >.<

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