Saturday, December 27, 2014

Second In


Dear Zach,

I am feeling better. Thank you for all the kind words for the health of me and my mum. We both are doing better in each passing day. Nothing much happening during Christmas and Boxing Day. Just some minor encounters with guys – nothing hot and heavy. For the past few days I had been spending my time doing nothing at home, apart from watching Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and annoying some people on Instagram.

I went for second interview today. I didn’t expect they had selected six starters from the bunch of interviewee – I was one of the carefully-picked starters. Only six of us to vie for the one vacancy - it is an open-door for fresh graduate for career growth opportunity. We were seated in the meeting room, watching 20 minutes of video about intro of the whole company itself and awkwardly watching the top management people hard-selling themselves, and doing pranks in the video, which made me cringe all the more. I mean I didn’t find it funny; I found it awkward and the six of us didn’t even laugh or, the worst yet, didn’t even breathe out a small giggles. I was pretty sure everyone finds the video is as stupidly awkward as it does. The whole room filled with heavy awkwardness I suddenly feel the urge to laugh. Who still does stupid prank in video nowadays?

Thank God, the video didn’t last long. As soon as the video ended, I breathe out a relief as the managing director came in, shook our hands, and started explaining everything there is to know about the company. The MD said the only way to impress him is to ask questions in between. That was funny because we literally understood what he explaining and we couldn’t even figure out a question to ask. I don’t think asking questions about something I’d already known is enough to impress him to give the vacancy priority to me.

After what seemed to be like 2 hours of explanation, we were evaluated one-on-one for 5 minutes. I felt that the evaluation just lasted 2 seconds and I bid goodbye to the MD, grabbed my stuff, and left. Well, all I have to do now is to eat, pray, and wait for the very call from the company so that I could get a proper job next month.  



  1. Nice to know you and yours mum is get well.
    Good luck to your's interview and hope can hear you share some good news.


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