Friday, August 15, 2014

Heart And Flowers


Dear Zach,

I was sitting in the airport lounge last night awaiting for check-in to the custom, I saw a 50-over year Caucasian old man holding a bouquet of roses behind of his back, expectantly and patiently waiting for somebody at the lounge. Everyone in the lounge turned their heads toward the old man with interest, guessing who’s the lucky person to be receiving such romantic gesture. I waited and waited for 10 minutes, he was still standing there, holding the roses behind his back. I was losing my patience thinking who would it be? His daughter? His wife? Or his affair?

Not long after, he was waving at the crowds who were coming out to the lounge. A very little cute girl running toward him and he kneeled down to receive her cheerful bubbly hug what it seemed to be a long lost family who had never seen each other for 10 years. Walking behind the little girl was a seemingly late-30s year old plum thai lady, pushing trolley filled with two giant sized of luggage toward the old man. The old man raised up and surprised her with a bouquet of roses, and move forward to his wife showering with kisses. It was such a heart-warming scenario everyone in the room seemed to be moved by the scene.

My heart swells from the romantic gesture. It was such a rarity that I could witness such beautiful moment. Heart and flowers are rare cases nowadays. Everyone seems to have forgotten the old fashioned way of loving someone. Sometimes giving heart and flowers on a non-special day is one of the way of showing how much you love and meant for them. It’s not a must but an act of kindness to someone important to you. I am a sucker for romance. I still firmly believe old-fashioned love could build a profound foundation of a relationship. 


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